For Our Members

Every membership includes receiving 10 issues of the electronic Journal of Environmental Health (E-Journal) via email. The Journal is offered digitally to members so it can be read on any computer, smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. It contains all the same great content of the print Journal, plus members can:

  • Access web links and email addresses found in articles, advertising, and listings
  • Quickly find information using the search feature
  • Bookmark pages and articles for quick reference
  • Download the full issue as a PDF for offline reading
  • Print desired pages or the complete issue

Print Copies

Members can elect to receive a print copy of the Journal for $40 for 1 year (10 issues). You can add this option when you purchase or renew your membership. If you have an existing membership, contact to add this option.

Individual print copies can be purchased at $15/issue, depending on availability, by emailing

Electronic Issues

Current and previous issues of the E-Journal are available through our online store at no cost to members.

Nonmembers can download current and previous issues of the E-Journal for $15/issue through our online store.

For Agencies and Organizations

We also offer subscription rates for print copies of the Journal to agencies and organizations (e.g., libraries, universities, health departments, etc.). We provide subscriptions for both U.S. and international customers. See our current subscription rates and policies for further details.

2024 Subscription Rates and Policies