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Registered Environmental Health Specialist/Registered Sanitarian Credential

The REHS/RS is our most predominant credential. Professionals who hold this credential demonstrate competency in an impressive range of environmental health topics including vector control, water quality, hazardous materials, air quality, built environment, direct and train personnel to respond to routine or emergency environmental situations, and provide education to their communities. REHS/RS credential holders are also key to ensuring communities are in compliance with local, state, and federal environmental health regulations.

REHS/RS Study Materials

Eligibility Tracks

Individuals can follow one of three tracks to be eligible for the REHS/RS credential exam:

  • Environmental Health Degree Track
  • Bachelor's Degree Track
  • "In Training" Track

Unfortunately, work experience cannot be accepted in lieu of college coursework.

Application Fees

  • Member: $420.00
  • Non-Member: $605.00

Emeritus Status

Some individuals may be interested in Emeritus status of their REHS/RS credential (i.e. REHS/RS-E to indicate Emeritus status). With this designation, individuals may consult, work, teach, and/or volunteer in environmental health. Resuming active use of the credential requires a written request to our Board of Directors and additional fees. To qualify for Emeritus status, individuals must:

  • Have completed a minimum of 15 years of service in the environmental health field and,
  • Have a current NEHA credential that is in active status (i.e. not currently expired) and,
  • Not plan to consult, work (part-time or full-time), teach, or volunteer in environmental health as a full-fledged (i.e. REHS/RS) credential holder and,
  • Submit payment of $25 (member)/$50 (non-member) for the status change

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