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Be the Face of Environmental Health in Our National Campaign

We are developing a national advertising campaign to raise awareness and understanding of the environmental health profession and workforce among the public and decision-makers. 

If you:

  • Work in governmental environmental public health, and
  • Would be willing to share a photo of yourself in the field

Please complete the online form and upload your photo

If you're interested but would like more information first, please email communications@neha.org.

Thank you for helping to raise the visibility of our important work!

About the Campaign

About one year ago our Board of Directors shared concerns they had heard from members - and had experienced themselves - about how invisible and undervalued they felt as a profession. This was particularly true among environmental health professionals working in governmental public environmental health, and especially throughout the COVID-19 response. 

In response, we have developed a campaign to raise the visibility and appreciation of our important workforce among decision-makers and the public. The campaign strategy is four-fold, focused on addressing the complex issues that influence the environmental health workforce. It includes:

  • Self-promotion Materials. Most environmental health work is done at the state, local, territorial, and tribal level. To that end, we are developing toolkits, templates, and messaging for environmental health organizations to help you promote the success and expertise of your workforce.
  • Advertising Campaign. We are developing advertising that tells the story and expresses the value of environmental health professionals. This will prime and build on the work of self-promotion (Strategy 1). We will target advertising to individuals who make decisions that impact the environmental health workforce, as well as to students considering a career in environmental health.
  • Leadership Discussions. This strategy brings together environmental health leaders from across the country to create a united vision for the environmental health profession in the U.S. We will serve as catalyst and facilitator of discussions on key issues of concern. 
  • Community Outreach. This strategy aims to identify the organizations/initiatives across the country where environmental health representation is needed and recommend a process for ongoing representation.